Two Lengths. Two Swings.                             Zero problems.

Making the Game Easier


Pinhawk Golf is not just another golf equipment company. No traditional, been-done-before equipment here. When we produce clubs, it is because there is a need in the market for the majority of golfers. No releasing new products every 6 months that aren’t really better just to take more of your cash.


Our Flagship product, the Pinhawk Single Length Irons, put us on the map, and still is an excellent solution for anyone looking for more consistency in their iron play. One length, one swing for better consistency and more control. Available in 4 iron through Lob wedge in right and left handed.


In the short 10 years Pinhawk Golf has been in the industry, we have received many accolades and rave reviews. Mentioned in Golf Digest, the LA Times, and praised by industry gurus, we are proud of our reputation for innovation and integrity. We know who we are, and the people we respect, respect us.

Pinhawk Vertex. Twice as Smart.

The Pinhawk Line

Vertex Dual Length Irons

Do you love single-length irons, but are concerned your swing speed isn’t up to par? Do you struggle with elevation and distance when using a 3, 4, or 5 iron? Fear not. Vertex Dual-Length Irons are what you’ve been waiting for.


Single Length Irons

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could hit all my irons as well as my 7 or 8 iron”? Then a Pinhawk single-length iron set is just what you need. One length, one swing for better consistency and more control. Pinhawk Golf: Smart. Very smart.


Single Length Hybrids

Hybrids are designed for the distance of a fairway wood and the precision of an iron. With single-length hybrids, swingweight, flex, and feel will all be the same. Whether you want a 4 iron replacement or a full set, Pinhawk is a name you can trust.


Single Length Fairway Woods

Pinhawk single-length fairway woods are the ideal compliment to your SL or DL irons and SL hybrids. Designed with a 4° loft gap between each head, consistency is what will improve your game. These fairway woods are truly point-and-shoot.


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