About us

“Who Are Those Guys?”

Sorry, we couldn’t resist the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” reference, one of our favorites. To answer that question, the co-owners of Pinhawk Golf have been In the golf business for nearly 2 decades – designing, manufacturing, and retailing golf clubs and golf components to clubmakers. Being in the industry that long throughout it’s ups and downs allows us to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to golf equipment. A few years ago, we started investigating the Tommy Armour EQL single length irons that were manufacturered in the 80’s. We knew the concept was sound, and wondered why they were not universally successful (after all, we love our seven irons). In our research we found that there were still a couple of options around for single-length (PureFit iMatch being one – now out of business), but they did not have a huge following. We didn’t see any major issues with the product (aside from the need of a few design tweaks and newer technology needed) – just that they were poorly marketed.

The more we researched the more we realized that the concept was terrific and actually had a “cult” following. People were still playing the EQL’s and when they couldn’t play them anymore were trying to cobble different clubs together to try to copy the concept on their own. That blew our collective minds! We started tinkering with ideas and looking at different designs that seemed like they would lend themselves to the single-length theory. We had a set made with already established connections with a foundry and the first Pinhawk Single Length iteration was born! They worked like a charm and really simplified the game, exactly as it seemed they would. Now the decision was to bring them to market or not. Would they take off? Would they be duds? Are we willing to risk the costs involved in such an undertaking? We decided to go for it – and are so glad we did! Although we are a smaller company, we knew how to get product to market and we certainly knew we could compete with the large companies quality-wise.

That is how the the first Pinhawk irons were “born”. We’re proud of how well we did in the original design and that they worked well for so many golfers. Since then of course, we’ve improved and expanded the line. We now have single length hybrids (the Pinhawk SLH), and single length fairway woods (the Pinhawk SLF). The company has grown, and received national attention and acclaim. With single length golf clubs now hitting the mainstream, even on the PGA Tour, we look forward to playing our part in changing the game for the better.

Special thanks to all our loyal customers, and if you are not one yet, we think you will thoroughly enjoy our products and what they will do for your game!

Aaron and Dave (“those guys”)