About us

Pinhawk Golf is a unique golf equipment company. The co-owners, Aaron and Dave, have been in the golf equipment business for over 2 decades both as designers and retailers. Our philosophy has always been: Don’t bring something to market that has already been done before – unless it can be vastly improved. You know that if we have released a product, it has been thoroughly tested with success, and there is room in the marketplace for it.

In 2009 we produced the Pinhawk Single Length irons, which at the time were filling a huge gap in the market, long before Bryson Dechambeau had entered anybody’s mind. The huge success and notoriety of the SL’s put Pinhawk Golf on the map, and ever since then, we have delivered distinctive golf equipment any time we have seen a need. Popular releases such as the Vertex Dual Length irons, the Single Length Fairways and Hybrids, all have helped so many golfers to play better by simplifying the game. Pinhawk’s equipment offering has expanded to putters, with huge equipment advantages that we feel are still able to be mined within the rules of the game.

Pinhawk Golf will continue to play our part in making the game easier to play. Join us for the ride!