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Looking for more consistency from your iron game? You need to seriously consider the Pinhawk SL single length irons! They are extremely popular for a reason.

What exactly is the difference between a “regular” iron set and a set of Pinhawk SL Single Length irons? Well, as you probably know, a conventional iron set has ½” length increments between each club. This forces the player to “learn” many different swings throughout the iron set, and ball striking consistency can be an issue. The Pinhawk SL irons are a solution to that problem. The SL’s are all the same length throughout the entire set. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. This allows the golfer to use the same swing, on the same plane, with the same feel, for each iron in the set.

The Pinhawk SL’s not only are all the same length, but they also feature the very latest in iron technology. They incorporate a game improvement design without looking “clunky”, and they have extreme perimeter weighting and a true deep undercut for the ultimate in forgiveness.  And despite having a game improvement design, the SL’s have a very manageable sole width, and a low (3 mm) offset on each iron.

The loft gapping is slightly larger than traditional irons; this is to maintain a proper distance gap between clubs. You will find that your distances will be very similar to a “conventional” set of irons (studies have proven that, along with "real world" play).

Our suggested length for the Pinhawk SL’s is 37”, which is a typical 7 iron length. We can also build them for you as long as 38” (a normal 5 iron length), or as short as 36 ½” (a normal 8 iron length).  Our club builders are experts on this concept and have the accredited skills to build a well balanced set of irons at any of these lengths.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are they USGA legal?

Yes. They are listed as conforming irons on the USGA Informational Club Database, listed under Pinhawk, right after Ping.


What handicap are they good for?

All handicaps. We’ve had success with these irons from hackers all the way to club champions. They help with consistency, and any golfer can use that.


Has anyone I know played single length irons?

Depends, do you get out much? Moe Norman, who is considered one of the best ball strikers of all time used single length irons. Also, Bryson DeChambeau won the NCAA Individual Championship and also the US Amateur playing single length irons. With his US AM win, we are excited to report that he will be playing in the Masters, U.S. Open and Open Championship with his single length irons. Can’t get any better “proof of concept” than that!  For a little more on Bryson, you can see a USGA article here, a picture of his clubs here, and a video that talks about his single length irons here.

UPDATE: Coming off a great showing at the Masters (winning low Am with his single length irons) he has now turned Pro, and we look forward to watching his career on the PGA Tour with great interest! 

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bryson wins the DAP Championship and is now a full time member on the PGA TOUR! 

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Bryson wins the John Deere Classic! Single Length irons are now officially PGA Tour winners.

We're also excited to mention that Gareth Shaw, a European Tour player is putting the Pinhawk's in play! Gareth is no slouch, he's finished 5th in the Irish Open, beating the likes of Donaldson, Lawrie, Willett, Bjorn, Molinari, Harrington, and 13th in the French Open, beating Dubuisson, Poulter and more big names. We are looking forward to see how Gareth does on the Tour in the future!


Have any studies been done on the efficacy of single length irons? 

We just wanted to get the word "efficacy" in a sentence. But seriously, the answer is yes. Besides being proven by real world play, studies have been done to prove that they are a concept that works. Dave Tutleman, a veteran golf industry engineer, did a study on constant length irons. If you have some time, grab a cup of coffee and read Dave's extensive academic investigation here

UPDATE: Mr Tutleman wrote a new article detailing his experience of personally playing the Pinhawks. The article is here, if you have time take a look. In short, they are "in the bag"! 

You may also want to check out some press we've been getting from this article in Golf Digest and this article from the LA Times. 


Do you have any competitors for Single Length Irons? Who else sells them? 

We do have a few competitors. The only one that we feel has the quality and expertise behind their product is found here. If you don't purchase from us, we urge you to purchase from them. 


What length is best for me?

We suggest 7 iron length (37”); that is generally the “sweet spot” for most players.  If you are exceptionally tall or short, however, 37” may not be for you. Here is a very general WTF (wrist-to-floor) chart to get you started. For more details on how to measure your wrist-to-floor, look under “Club Length” of our fitting page.


Wrist-to-floor Suggested Pinhawk Length
27" to 32" Email Us For Recommendation
32" to 34" 8 Iron Length (36 1/2")
34" to 36" 7 Iron Length (37")
36" to 38" 6 Iron Length (37 1/2")
38" to 40" 5 Iron Length (38")


Do they come in Left Handed?

Not as of yet. Tooling is extremely expensive and we would have to sell a LOT of left handed irons to make up the cost. That doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in the future though.

UPDATE: We caved - now available in Left Handed!


What are the lofts of each club?

Here you go:


Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW SW LW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55° 59°


Can the irons be bent?

Yes, they can. Because they are made of high quality 431 Stainless Steel, they can easily be bent up to 2 degrees.


What do the heads weigh?

Each head weighs approximately 272 grams.


What is the lie angle of each club?

62.5 degrees.


How long do they take to get used to?

It depends on the player. We’ve had some shoot low scores right out of the gate, and we’ve had some say that it takes a few rounds for their brain to get used to the concept.  We are confident you will like them, and we can count on one hand any complaints that we’ve had about them.


Can you compare the Pinhawk SL specs to a regular iron set?

Sure, we will compare them to a typical iron set in the charts below. Notice how the typical iron set specs are all over the map!


Typical Iron Set
Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW SW
Loft 21° 24° 28° 32° 36° 40° 44° 48° 52° 55°
Lie 59° 60° 61° 61.5° 62° 63° 64° 64° 64° 64°
Weight (grams) 239 246 253 260 267 274 281 285 284 296
Offset (mm) 4.8 4.2 3.8 3.6 3.4 3.2 3.1 3.0 2.9 2.5
Pinhawk Iron Set
Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW SW LW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55° 59°
Lie 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5°
Weight (grams) 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272
Offset (mm) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3



What kind of steel are Pinhawk heads made of?

They are made of high quality 431 Stainless.  Our competitors use a harder steel (17-4).


Why don’t major companies do this?

Because no major manufacturer is going to take a risk and try and change the design perception of the entire golf industry. It would be too much of an uphill battle to fight to educate the consumer. Jaacob Bowden (who runs, and is a proponent of single length irons) had a sit down with a major golf company CEO and he had this to say about the subject:

"Same length has been done, personally I've been a fan but it's a tough concept to sell. Reality; In the US golf industry there are 6 major chains that buy product that is sold to what constitutes 85% of the market. All but roughly 2-3 % of the rest is sold in golf pro shops and they are influenced by the retailers. The buyers for these major chains only buy what is played on tour and pretty much in order of market share. Like it or not we dance to that tune. To introduce something like single length after investing in the design we'd have to spend millions on marketing and not so minor get tour credibility because no product is successful at retail without it." 

So there you go. Major companies aren't going to take that kind of "risk". We aren’t a "major" company, and thankfully for you don’t have stockholders to answer to. Although we do have to answer to our wives!


Can’t I just cut all my current irons the same length?  

You could, but it won’t work. On the short irons you would have to add extensions, which would not only make the swingweight severely out of line, but make the flex of those clubs softer. On the longer clubs, you would be cutting them down, and making the flex stiffer, along with the same swingweight problems as mentioned earlier.  In addition, your loft gaps on a regular set would not be correct for single length irons.


I have trouble hitting a 4 iron, do you have any options for me? 

Yes. We designed a 4 hybrid for just such an occasion. Many players find a hybrid easier to hit than an iron in their long irons. The Pinhawk Hybrid weighs the same as the iron heads, and we can make it the same length as your irons.

Customer Reviews (11)
Worth EVERY Dollar
I am a disabled veteran and have been playing around with my Pinhawk SL, 4-PW, around the backyard and in the house with foam balls. Last season, I played standard clubs and would end up blowing up in the second nine. Today, I felt like gambling and my friend and I played a skins game. I played a horrible first eight holes. I put my equipment in the shed last night and it was in the 30's. I took a total of 46 strokes and posted a 53 over 36 in my front nine. I lost four skins. I took a break for lunch and I laid my clubs in the sun and bought some warm balls. I was down $5.00. On the back nine, I went to Plan B. I quit hitting the driver and I changed my chipping stance to an exaggerated Phil Michelson stance. With this stance, I could chip 45-50 yards but I landed 10 feet right or left. I did the same swing and experimented with different clubs to determine how the ball would roll. I bogeyed the tenth and that was the worst hole of my second nine. I hit a pitching wedge to about 10 feet, GIR, This was acceptable but I 3-putted. On 11, I hit an amazing 290 yd drive and was left with a 30 yard chip shot. I pulled out my five iron figuring that the ball would stay low and that I can't blow the ball past the hole because it weighs the same as my PW. My theory was correct. I hit a beautiful bump and run that wedged itself between the pin and the hole. I missed my GIR but made birdie. 12-14 required various irons 6-PW. I hit all three GIR and was left with a 70 foot put on a par-3 but it carried farther; my ball rolled down a hill. No putt after 13 or 14 was longer than 10 feet. I bogeyed one hole, pared one hole and got two birdies. I shot 2-under on the back nine. I won every skin since the eighth. Holes 1-6 were worth $1.00, 7-12 were worth $3.00, and 13-18 were worth $5.00. I won a total of $39.00.

Here comes the disclaimer. I live and Michigan and the greens were in perfect condition to be attacked; soft and wet. When I was in the Army 11 years ago, I was a scratch golfer. Last season was my first season back since 2008, I was a 17 HCP. I'm thinking that my HCP will be around 7-10 after I get my rounds in.

I tested the single length theory in multiple ways during my round. On full swings, I was dead on distance and for me, anything inside 10-30 feet will be a two putt anyway. My chipping was amazing. It is worth buying single length clubs for the chipping alone. I wrote a previous review and gave these clubs four stars and I was against the wedges. I was wrong. The SW will provide a club with enough bonce to play out of the soft sand and would be a go to club for soggy conditions. The GW and LW have the same bounce and I am going to have to give my old Cleveland Forged Tour wedges a time out. They are over 20 years old and it's hard. However, I have never been able to have the control I have with regular clubs. I will gladly give up three wedges to have essentially 10 in my bag. I say this because lie angle and bounce are the same. The weight is the same. My 5-I made the same contact as my PW when it hit the ground. I did not have to worry about a de-lofted club digging in or any of the other chipping mistakes that cost strokes.

I hit my 4- iron 130 yards. I hit my PW 135 yds. 5-PW had great gapping but the 5-6 were only apart by five yards for me. I plan on getting a hybrid head to replace the 4-I. For my game, the extra distance lost in the "long" irons are made up for by the loft and extra distance gained with the PW. In other words, I hit my old 8 iron roughly the same distance as my new PW. I plan on landing my lob wedge at around 100 yds. I may hit the 5-I 10-12 yards shorter than my old set but I am gaining 30 yards with my wedges with my power swing. I attribute this to having a faster swing. With old wedges, a golfer flattens out and loses club head speed. Also, losing 1.5"- 2.5" depending on setup takes away club head speed. In my opinion, I am widening my scoring game range because my 135 yd PW is a whole lot straighter than my 135 yd old 8-I.

I had to change the way I chip to use the clubs but this is more because my swing plane and the sharp edges are bad for soggy conditions. I think that I can use my Dave Pelz "Finesse Swing" on firmer turf.

Looks could be better but be realistic, You are swinging them at the ground, I will take a sticker insert and $500-600 in my pocket over more expensive brands. The face is beautiful and the lack of grooves in certain places makes lining up easy. I have graphite shafts and they are wonderful. Not the best club if you are a digger and the conditions are poor. They can be played but there is no forgiveness. I did play a few dry fairways and they are great for firmer surfaces. I hit off center and wasn't punished on normal conditions, A center face hit feels amazing and the club heads provided good feel compared to a forged head and great feel compared to a lot of the cast iron options out there.

Final note. My playing partner was calling his girlfriend asking if he could get some. He wanted to try mine but I'm a lefty.
Review by Left-HandedGolfer (Posted on 3/18/2018)
Pretty Much a 5-Star Product. LH golfers lack hybrid options
I am a disabled veteran with a spinal injury. As for handicap, It is hard to say and that is one of the reasons why I went with single-length irons. If golf was always a 9-hole game, I would have a 2-3 HCP as long as I rest a couple of days. However, I buy memberships to golf courses and I used to play more than one round when I go and I play 18 holes. After the first nine, I can no longer use my driver because of all the different swing planes and I slice badly. By the twelfth, I am playing with 7-GW. My real HCP is 12-13. I give up ten strokes because I used a multitude of different strokes and club lengths during the round.

I have not been able to play the clubs on the course yet but I have been tracking my data and I have been to the range. I have the 4-PW iron set for lefties. I do not have the fastest swing speed, 85-88 MPH, and I find the 4-Iron almost impossible to hit. I have to really muscle down. I do not have the option of having a SL Hybrid because they are not made for me. 5-7 are amazing clubs and play like an iron. Now, 8-LW are the clubs that make me my skins on the course. The Pinhawk SL 8-PW play great as irons. They are long and straight and I feel that I will be able to control ball flight with a little practice. Also, I have never hit a PW so high and so far. After 250 balls or so, I noticed a difference in distances. Not enough to really change my approach shots to my pretend green. I do not have the LW, SW, or GW and I have no intention of getting them. As a wedge, the PW was horrible in my opinion. To be fair, I am a wedge player and the PW is drastically different than what I am used to. My PW open has the same bounce as Pinhawk's PW. I have dedicated years to learning Dave Pelz's "finesse swing" and Pinhawk does not offer different bounces for the wedges.

I would give these clubs 5 stars but the 4-I is unreliable and I do not have a Hybrid option. Also, wedges and irons are similar looking clubs but should be played differently. I use muscle in my iron play and height and momentum in my wedge swing to control distance. If my PW performs better on the course and I get predictable distances every time when I perform my finesse swing, I will let you know.

Overall, I believe my HCP will improve. More importantly, I won't have to say, "I can't play today. I'm to sore." I don't remember my score after the round. What I remember are the great shots I made and the bad ones. With these clubs, I think I will have a repeat of my favorite golf moment. I was playing in Weisbaden, Germany and my drive landed in the rough. I took out my 7-I and I misread how much club-head speed I would need. I would have hit it 20-30 yards past the flag but I hit the flag stick and I got my first eagle ever. It was on a Par 4.

( I went and tried the PW again. I do not recommend the wedges for finesse swingers.)

Robert C
Review by Left-HandedGolfer (Posted on 3/17/2018)
Good results
My handicap was staring to drift up from 4 and my play was erratic. I decided to switch to Pinhawk SL irons and I am back at 3 handicap and saving on average 3-4 shots around from my old irons. I find the dispersion is much tighter with the Pinhawks and confidence with the longer irons is much greater. I put a graphite shaft in the 4 iron, as I was getting a few bullets with the 20 degree loft with steel. This has really improved the flight of the 4iron and I'm thinking of going graphite through the whole set.

I am impressed with the quality and feel of the irons and don't think I will go back to conventional, or any other single length make.
Review by Mr H (Posted on 6/23/2017)
Pinhawk SL Review
I just started playing golf last year, and only played about 10 rounds. That being said, my best round was a 105. I received the Pinhawk SL irons for Christmas and started practicing with them almost every day at a PGA Superstore in the hitting bays. I started getting a feel for them and got good spacing with them, hitting the 4 iron about 210 and the PW about 135. I took them out for their maiden voyage two weeks ago and shot a 92. I'm not sure if it is because of the SL irons, or the fact that my swing is getting better, but I definitely feel more comfortable with these than my old clubs. Can't wait to see where I stand at the end of the year. Review by Will M. (Posted on 3/29/2017)
SL Irons
Within two weeks I lower from 18 to 14. I still getting used to the SL Irons, but I will master them very soon!!!
I like them a lot!! I just ordered some SL Hybrids, I am waiting for them.
Review by sat (Posted on 3/28/2017)
Over a year of experience with these clubs
These clubs are great for both beginners and experienced golfers since the underlying idea behind single length clubs is to reduce the complexity of the game which makes golf more fun for everyone — even your friends and that group behind yours that appreciates not having to wait for you to find your ball every other hole.

I have been using a set of Pinhawk SL single length irons for over a year and have seen my scores decrease from the low 100s to the high 80s, primarily due to the increased accuracy of my irons (although there are other factors that you can read about in my single length irons journey).

I often play with random people when my regular playing partners are unavailable. I never bring up the subject first, but in every single case, I’m asked about what irons I’m playing after a few holes. Most people have heard about single length irons, but didn’t really understand the concept or believe that they would work on the golf course. It usually only takes a few minutes to explain, but what really convinces them is the accuracy of my iron game.

You can read the full review here:
Review by Single Length Irons Guy (Posted on 3/17/2017)
Improved my game
I had been using variable length golf clubs for about 15 years and after all that time all I had to show for it was consistently hitting in the high 90's. In 2011 I switched to Pinhawk single length irons and within a month or two I was hitting the ball more consistently and was now shooting in the low to mid 90s. The first Pinhawk were offered in 5 iron to pw only. I found it to be true that the ball could be placed at the same position for each club. This allowed me to focus on ball striking for one setup position. After a year of use I was now consistently scoring in the high 80's. I had shaved 10 strokes off my score! In 2015 they added a 4i, gw, sw and lw to the Pinhawk lineup along with adjusting the lofts to fine tune the distance between clubs. I put them in my bag and took my score down into the low 80's with occasional rounds in the 70's (and yes an occasional round in the high 80's) I had no issues with the distance between clubs with mine working out to be 4i-180y, 5i-165y, 6i-152y, 7i-140y, 8i-130y, 9i-120, pw-110y and gw-95y. I can now devote more practice time to my short game and shot shaping (which the Pinhawks are capable of). Review by Virginia Golfer (Posted on 12/13/2016)
A simpler way to play the game
I am on my second set of pinhawks so it should be pretty obvious that I am a fan! To me, it is just an easier way to play the game.

I actually had chance to put the latest version of the pinhawks though their paces on a simulator. I knew that my first set did the job on the course, but I really wanted confirmation that the numbers worked out too.

As you can see in my video review and article on my site, they did exactly that. Even hitting them when I really wasn't swinging well gave solid results. As someone who doesn't like too much offset and prefers their game improvement features in a good-looking package, these were great. Just a nice-looking clubhead that suited my eye (and will probably suit the majority of golfers too.)

So is this the perfect set? Actually, if i were ordering again tomorrow, I would do things slightly differently. I have lost a bit of swing speed over the last couple of years and I am delighted to see that hybrids are now available and not just for the four iron.

Replacing a "long" (not sure what else to call them in a single length set!) iron or two with a hybrid should make the game even easier. Looks like I have already decided that I will be ordering a third set at some point!

As always, service was great and I love the idea that I can customise these any way I choose. i personally went for fst 115 shafts and avon chamois grips in various colours (I know, I know!) and still came in at about half the price of a couple of the other single length offerings out there.

I love the idea of one easy-to-groove swing and making things easier. Definitely worth a try for for most average golfers in my opinion.

Nick from
Review by Nick (Posted on 11/30/2016)
Great for consistency.
I'm a 10-15 cap and the Pinhawks have greatly improved my consistency of clean contact and accuracy. I'm 5'11 and play them at 37" in steel. I hit the 20 degree 4H about 180-185 and the 7i about 145, which seems to be good gapping. On the first tee I'm usually always grabbing a Pinhawk hybrid. I'll start a round off right with a high probability 185 yards in the fairway over a 245 yard gamble with driver, and my second shot will be grooved with an identical length and weight club. Having short shaft lengths in the low numbered clubs is also useful for punch out shots from trouble or bump 'n runs to the green. Very happy with the clubs and fulfillment all around.

Eldrick C.
Chicago, IL
Review by Eldrick C. (Posted on 11/30/2016)
Great for consistency.
I'm a 10-15 cap and the Pinhawks have greatly improved my consistency of clean contact and accuracy. I'm 5'11 and play them at 37" in steel. I hit the 20 degree 4H about 180-185 and the 7i about 145, which seems to be good gapping. On the first tee I'm usually always grabbing a Pinhawk hybrid. I'll start a round off right with a high probability 185 yards in the fairway over a 245 yard gamble with driver, and my second shot will be grooved with an identical length and weight club. Having short shaft lengths in the low numbered clubs is also useful for punch out shots from trouble or bump 'n runs to the green. Very happy with the clubs and fulfillment all around.

Eldrick C.
Chicago, IL
Review by Eldrick C. (Posted on 11/29/2016)
Pinhawk SL irons
I have now played a full season with my pinhawk SL irons and I absolutely love them, I had been thinking about single length for a good few months and decided to take the plunge and ordered a set from the states. Being from the UK it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive, my first impressions of the club's was that of surprise due to the low cost of them I thought they wouldn't look as good as they did. When I took them out for a first hit I was very happily surprised by the feel of them.

I have only been playing 3 years and I think people over complicate the game where the single length concept takes one complication out of the game.

When I first started to play with them it was the supposed long iron which I struggled with but it didn't take long for my brain to realise I hade a 5 iron in my hands and not an 8 iron due to the length.

I can't say my handicap has come down due to these irons but I have come down from 24 to 17 this year which I feel will come down further when I get the 6 inches between my ears sorted.

My next addition will be the GW SW and LW in my specs and practice with them over the winter.

Spencer Mulcahy
Review by Spencer Mulcahy (Posted on 11/14/2016)
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Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW SW LW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55° 59°
Lie 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5°
Hosel Size .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370
Weight (grams) 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272
Bounce 12°
Offset (mm) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Pinhawk SLH Hybrids

Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55°
Lie 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5°
Volume 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc
Hosel Size .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370
Weight (grams) 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272
Face Progression 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Pinhawk SLH Fairway Woods

Club 3 5 7
Loft 16° 20° 24°
Lie 59° 59° 59°
Volume 180cc 165cc 160cc
Hosel Size .335 .335 .335
Weight (gams) 220 220 220
Options RH RH RH
Face Angle Square Square Square