Why single-length hybrids?

Hybrids are uniquely designed for the distance of a fairway wood and the precision of an iron. You have a better chance of making solid contact with the ball, so hybrids are a great choice for those with less experience. But seasoned players can also benefit from using hybrids in situations where you need loft and length, but also control.

Pinhawk single-length hybrids offer a unique choice in single-length technology for players looking for consistent ball striking. Golfers of all handicaps can benefit by using these hybrids that are all specifically designed to be played at the same length.

One length, one swing

Pinhawk single-length hybrids are available in a 4 iron replacement all the way up to a sand wedge replacement. Because each hybrid in the set is designed to be exactly the same length and have the exact same swingweight and flex, the golfer only has to “learn” one swing – the swing that works best for him or her. This enables a golfer’s swing to become more easily repeatable, resulting in greater accuracy and maximizing overall enjoyment (and minimizing potential frustration) when playing the game.

You also can mix and match the Pinhawk SL Hybrids with the Pinhawk SL irons – the swingweight, flex and feel will all be the same!


Pinhawk SLH Hybrids

4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW SW
Loft 20° 25° 30° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 55°
Lie 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5° 62.5°
Volume 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc 108cc
Hosel Size .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370
Weight (grams) 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272
Face Progression 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. They are listed as hybrids that conform to USGA standards on the USGA Informational Club Database. They are listed under Pinhawk, right after Ping.

All handicaps. They help with consistency, and any golfer can use that.

Follow the shaft manufacturer’s tipping instructions for a 7H. For example, if you are building a set with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts, they recommend tipping 3” for a 7H. You would tip trim ALL the shafts in the set at the same 3 inches off the tip. Remember, all the heads are the same weight. Then butt cut to your length. Couldn’t be easier!

We suggest a typical 7 iron length (37”); that is the “sweet spot” for most players.  If you are exceptionally tall or short, however, consider your “wrist-to-floor” measurement. For more details on how to measure your wrist-to-floor, look under “Club Length” here.

We offer a 4 iron replacement for left-handed golfers.

We’ve had some shoot low scores right out of the gate, and we’ve had some say that it takes a few rounds for their brain to get used to the concept. Ultimately, it depends on the player.

No. This would cause a multitude of problems because the heads would not all be the same weight. In addition, the loft gaps would be off.

Basically, major companies aren’t going to take that kind of “risk” and attempt to change the design perception of the entire golf industry, nor are they willing to take the time and expense needed to educate the consumer.