Why single-length fairways?

If you have a trusty fairway wood in the bag, chances are your swing is the type that will benefit from single length fairway woods. The Pinhawk SLF’s can complement the Pinhawk Irons or Hybrids, or can be used with with traditional irons and hybrids. Golfers that can make a nice sweeping swing will often be better off with fairway woods than lower lofted hybrids. Even many of our customers that have the full set of single length irons or hybrids benefit from the lower lofted single length fairways (the 3 and 5 woods).

One length, one swing

You only need to train yourself to make one swing that will work for each single length fairway wood (3 wood through 9 wood). Just like with our single length irons or hybrids, consistent ball striking is the key to great golf shots. You’ll find the Pinhawk Single Length Fairway Woods to be point-and-shoot! Fine tuned perimeter weighing with a low center of gravity helps get the ball up quickly with a perfect trajectory.


Pinhawk SLF Fairway Woods

3 5 7 9
Loft 16° 20° 24° 28°
Lie 59° 59° 59° 59°
Volume 180cc 165cc 160cc 155cc
Hosel Size .335 .335 .335 .335
Weight (grams) 220 220 220 220
Options RH RH RH RH
Face Angle Square Square Square Square

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. They are listed as hybrids that conform to USGA standards on the USGA Informational Club Database. They are listed under Pinhawk, right after Ping.

All handicaps. They help with consistency, and any golfer can use that.

Follow the shaft manufacturer’s tipping instructions for a 7H. For example, if you are building a set with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts, they recommend tipping 3” for a 7H. You would tip trim ALL the shafts in the set at the same 3 inches off the tip. Remember, all the heads are the same weight. Then butt cut to your length. Couldn’t be easier!

We suggest a standard length of 41 1/2″; that is the “sweet spot” for most players.  If you are exceptionally tall or short, however, consider your “wrist-to-floor” measurement. For more details on how to measure your wrist-to-floor, look under “Club Length” here.

We do not offer the SLF Fairway in Left Handed at this time.

We’ve had some shoot low scores right out of the gate, and we’ve had some say that it takes a few rounds for their brain to get used to the concept. Ultimately, it depends on the player.

No. This would cause a multitude of problems because the heads would not all be the same weight. In addition, the loft gaps would be off.

Basically, major companies aren’t going to take that kind of “risk” and attempt to change the design perception of the entire golf industry, nor are they willing to take the time and expense needed to educate the consumer.